Our System Changes That Forever.

Introducing The Zero Discharge Production Water System from CMW

At CMW, we've developed a reliable and efficient closed-loop system to recover and re-use production water. The CMW|ZDPW process removes cement and aggregate and produces a filtered, clear water – clarified without chemicals and ready for re-use. Prevent discharge to natural water systems or city sewers, and deliver significant return on investment to your operation by money saved on every gallon of water purchased.

To learn how you operation can benefit from installing our new system,
please contact Larry Glynn / CMW at (314) 993-1336 or info@cmw-equip.com.

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Kevin, Pat and Patrick Zoellner - AAA Zoellner Materials, Imperial, Missouri USA
"This system addresses a major problem for the readymix industry."

Kevin, Pat and Patrick Zoellner
AAA Zoellner Materials – Imperial, MO USA